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You should not judge them by the standards of your previous country. Common Australian Expressions Many common Australian expressions or slang may seem strange to people new to Australia. If you are unsure what an expression means, it is acceptable to ask. Some restaurants are BYO. Many Australians receive salary or wages every fortnight. People who do not know each other do not generally kiss or hug. Most Australians will use eye contact as a sign of respect and to show they are listening. However, staring may make some people feel uncomfortable or embarrass them.

When meeting a new person, many Australians are not comfortable being asked questions about their age, marriage, children or money. Unless you have been introduced to someone by their first name, or unless you are asked to call them by their first name, it is usual to address them using their title and family name, e.

In the workplace and with friends Australians usually call each other by their first names. Not saying this could be seen as impolite.

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You should always try to be on time for meetings and other appointments. If you realise you are going to be late, try to contact the person and let them know. This is very important for professional appointments as you could be charged money for being late or if you miss the appointment without letting the person know in advance.

Most Australians blow their nose into handkerchiefs or tissues, not onto the pavement. This is also true for spitting. It is also important to know that some behaviour is not only impolite but also against the law. Examples include swearing in public, pushing in line, urinating or defecating anywhere except in a public toilet or private toilet. Climate Perth has a Mediterranean climate with dry hot summers and mild wet winters. Although most of the rainfall occurs in winter there are still plenty of sunny days to enjoy the outdoor life that is so typical of Western Australia.

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The climate varies up and down the coast, with the north experiencing much warmer weather than the south. As Perth is located in the southern hemisphere, we experience opposite seasons to those in Europe, North America and most of Asia. Note: All prices below are in Australian dollars. Figures are adapted from www. School is compulsory for all children aged between five and seventeen in Western Australia. The government provides public schools. Churches and other groups provide private schooling. You will need to check with the WA Department of Education for the criteria and fee assessment for a public school.

Fees are also payable for private schooling. Note: Students holding temporary visas may be required to pay full school fees. Check with individual schools for details.

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The ESOS Act and associated legislation protects the interests of overseas students by providing tuition and financial assurance. Calls to triple zero are free. Be prepared to provide your name, address and telephone number if you have one , and the type of service you need.

For non-urgent matters, ring your local police station. Police in Australia are not connected to the military forces and do not play a part in politics. They aim to protect life and property in the community, prevent and detect crime, and preserve peace. Ambulances provide emergency transport to hospital and immediate medical attention.

In Western Australia the Ambulance is not a free service. Your OSHC will cover your ambulance cost only when it is required medically for admission to hospital or for emergency treatment. To be fully covered for ambulance costs, it is advised that you ensure your health cover includes cost for the service of an ambulance.

Collect a membership application form at Australia Post or contact: Ambulance Membership on The fire brigade puts out fires, rescues people from burning buildings and also assists in situations where gas or chemicals become a danger. Telephone Crisis Counselling There are various telephone counselling services including Lifeline which offer free crisis counselling 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

From this point they are permitted to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight when their course is in session, and unlimited hours when their course is not in session. Dependent family members must not start work until the primary visa holder has commenced the course in Australia. In this case there is no limit on the number of hours a dependent family member may work. These numbers are issued by the Australian Taxation Office and are used to identify your tax records.

You need to keep your Tax File Number secure and do not tell people other than for employment and banking needs. Online applications can be completed at www. All student visas are now granted with work rights.

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If you do not already have your TFN, the employer is not allowed to take out more than the normal amount of tax until the standard TFN processing time has elapsed. If you earn any income in a financial year between 1 July and 30 June , you must lodge an Income Tax Return by 31 October of that year, unless other arrangements have been made.

Awards are legally binding on the employer and cover such working conditions as minimum rates of pay, allowances, overtime, penalty rates, hours of work, and leave for holidays, long service or sickness. All new employees receive a Fair Work statement from their employer informing them or their rights as an employee. This statement provides a safety net for the employee covered by the national workplace relations system. You should familiarise yourself with this document so that you know your rights as an employee in Australia.

While the study dissects live bee stingers to extract melittin, it finds this compound can be successfully reproduced in labs. Study authors say melittin can also help current cancer treatments like chemotherapy. The report discovers melittin also forms numerous pores tiny holes in the breast cancer cell membrane. Duffy suspects other cancer drugs may be able to use these openings to penetrate the cells and kill the disease.

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The combination of melittin and docetaxel was extremely efficient in reducing tumor growth in mice. More research needs to be done to find out what kind of a dose human patients will require. Like studies? Follow us on Facebook! Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. Send Email. Skip to content. Do all bees carry this special venom?